Who has never dreamed, awake or asleep, of living a life full of luxury, with the possibility of experiencing situations and experiences only available to a few and without financial concerns. It is true that Mega Fortune is just a slot game, but it allows the user to teleport to a world where only a few have a place. Luxury, fun and glitz come together in Mega Fortune slot.
Mega Fortune slot held the Guinness World Record for a few years when a Finnish player, in 2013, obtained a whopping 17.8 million euros in a single print.
Mega Fortune slot held the Guiness World Record for a few years when a Finnish player, in 2013, obtained a whopping 17.8 million euros in a single print. The year before, in 2012 another Finnish player made 6.7 million thanks to a jackpot. And in 2010, another user from Norway made 11.7 million with a single print. What if the next millionaire bears your name?

Mega Fortune slot: luxury and fun in abundance

The NetEnt seal gives maximum quality to its games, and the Mega Fortune slot is no exception. This slot has been available for a decade, 2009. It is available for both Desktop and mobile. The Return To Player of this game is 96.6% and the volatility is medium. Mega Fortune has 5 reels and 3 rows. There are from 1 to 25 paylines available where you can find symbols that allow you to form winning rounds. The minimum bet is 0.10 euros and the maximum is 50 euros.


Luxury and ostentation go hand in hand with symbols such as champagne, wads of money, fantastic limousines, luxury watches, and tea, or diamonds encrusted in a ring.

Free spins

To get free spins it is necessary to match three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Selecting one of them reveals the number of free spins and the multiplier. It is quite common to get freespins and this makes the slot very interesting and gives more chances of obtaining a prize.


Yacht- If there is any doubt, one of the most succulent symbols that can provide greater benefits is the yacht symbol. The yacht can supplant all symbols, except for specials and bonuses. And thanks to this you can get 10,000 coins, as long as you achieve 5 in the same active line. Champagne Bottle- In the case of obtaining three or more special symbols, in this case we refer to the champagne bottle, they give you 10 free spins.


Mega Fortune slot is a progressive slot game that offers nothing more and nothing less than three types of jackpot: Rapid Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Mega Jackpot.
  • Rapid Jackpot. Perhaps the least attractive, and I say least attractive because that is where the least money is won, is the Rapid Jackpot. In case of obtaining it, the user can pocket between 100 and 5,000 euros.
  • Major Jackpot. The award starts to be very interesting. In the case of winning the jackpot, the lucky person would win a prize of between 10,000 and 200,000 euros.
  • Mega Jackpot. Rolls, ringing bells and loud music because in the case of getting this pot, the minimum amount is 250,000 euros. You have already read the maxim previously. The biggest prizes ranged between 6 and 17 million euros.
Ready to become a millionaire? It is true that this type of jackpot does not usually occur frequently. The return to player is not too high and the volatility of the game is medium, which makes it an excellent combination. Few prizes but very interesting. It is true that the user can take a pinch, but is it not enough to live even one night of luxury and debauchery?

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