Pink Panther slot. The Pink Panther is one of the most endearing animated characters in film, television and literature. However, not everyone knows that it arose almost by chance.Blake Edwards, film director  needed an animated sequence to accompany the titles of the movie Pink Panther (1963) and decided to commission it from Fritz Freleng.

The cartoonist had three premises: the panther had to be pink, mute and funny. Success was meteoric and shortly after a series of cartoons was shown. The style of the Pink Panther is reminiscent of British gentelman, elegant and refined. Besides being risky, with surreal ideas and always with a special humor.

Pink Panther slot: pink, mute and funny

It was easy to imagine that The Pink Panther slot would be a success after the good successes that this peculiar and endearing character has reaped since her first appearance. The games provider Playtech launched this slot in 2010 and it has become one of the best rated slots by users. It is a classic, simple and elegant slot game.

The Pink Panther was a precious diamond that a thief in a white glove had managed to usurp.

The followers of this fast-paced feline can spend a pleasant time playing from the computer, mobile or tablet. Regarding the Return To Player it is 95.4% and has a medium volatility. It has 40 pay lines and 5 reels.

Characteristics of Pink Panther

Nowadays, when we hear about the Pink Panther, this endearing jocular panther comes to mind with hints of absurd humor, but originally the Pink Panther was a very valuable diamond that a thief in a white glove had managed to usurp. The symbols that accompany this slot are the classic letters (10, K, Q, J and A) and other symbols such as Inspector Closeau, magnifying glasses, bombs, paint buckets, footprints of the Pink Panther, …

Major and Minor Pink jackpot

The best thing about this slot is that it has two progressive jackpots. In order to win one of these two prizes, it is necessary to play the Jackpot Adventure. This minigame has 12 doors. In the case that you get three symbols of the white man, you get a consolation prize. If you guess four symbols from Inspector Closeau you win the Minor Pink jackpot. The lucky ones who land five Pink Panthers win the fabulous Major Pink jackpot.

Bonus games

Apart from the two jackpots, The Pink Panther has 4 bonus games that are triggered randomly.

  • Crack the Pink Code. In this first minigame there are 10 safes containing expansion Wilds and multipliers. The game ends if the player chooses the box containing dynamite.
  • The Color Pink. In this minigame the Pink Panther and the man in white participate. Each of them paints the wall in one color: pink or blue. The sum of the pink numbers are added and multiplied by the total bet made. You can choose to collect the prize or play two more rounds.
  • Wheel of Pink. In this minigame the Pink Panther will spin two wheels. The outer wheel has multipliers and the inner wheel allows you to collect the prize or play again and the wheel will spin again.
  • Pink Trail. In this game the French inspector Clouseau follows the tracks of the Pink Panther to find the valuable and famous stolen diamond. It’s four rounds. At the end of each round, the player can decide to collect the prize or continue risking. If you risk and complete the 4 rounds, you reach the diamond and the prize obtained is multiplied by two.

The best thing about Pink Panther is that you can play in demo version on Gamblers Connected. Access through this link. 

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