Sherlock of London slot. The Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle created in 1885 one of the most famous figures in literature of all time, Sherlock Homes. Holmes and his undisputed adventure companion, Dr. Watson, went through a thousand adventures to solve complex cases in which deductive reasoning, intelligence and observation were the key.

Thanks to the game provider Microgaming, it is now possible to feel like a true detective in 19th century Victorian London. Sherlock of London slot is here.

Arthur Conan Doyle created in 1885 one of the most famous characters in literature of all time, Sherlock Homes.

Sherlock of London: on the lookout for bank robbers

Microgaming launched Sherlock of London slot in 2019, a new version of the traditional game with new storylines and adventures. So all those players who have a detective inside can solve the mysteries that occurred in the capital of the United Kingdom at the hands of Holmes. In this case the mission focuses on catching a mysterious gang of London bank robbers.

Sherlock of London slot It is available for both Desktop and mobile. The Return To Player of this game is 96.03% and the volatility is medium. The slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. How could it be otherwise, Sherlock of London presents exceptional graphics and very good sound quality.


If there is one thing that distinguishes the Sherlock of London slot game, it is by the amount of wild symbols and functions that exist and the possibilities of winning prizes. For any player to know in advance what he will find in the game, it is necessary to know how the slot works.



Wild has the ability to substitute for other symbols to achieve a winning combination, except for the Free Spins Distribution symbol. This requires that there are 3 to 5 symbols on an active payline.

Extra wildcard

The Dr. Watson symbol acts as a wild as long as free spins are used. As with the traditional wild symbol, the extra wild can substitute for any other symbol to achieve a winning combination. This is not the case with Free Spins symbols. The Bonus Wild Creates has its own winning combination when 3, 4 or 5 symbols appear on an active payline. The Connected Wilds, Double Win, or Extended Wilds feature cannot be activated with the Extra Wild feature.

Extended wildcard

If a Wild appears during Free Spins, it becomes an Extended Wild that covers the entire reel.

Free spins distribution

In the event that three or more symbols appear on the 5 reels, the free spins distribution function is activated. Free spins cannot be substituted for the wild.



Connected wildcards

All wild symbols connect as long as a wild appears to be available on the reels. The rest of the symbols will become additional wilds.

Double prize

In the event that there are two wild symbols on the reels in the same row of two adjacent columns, the wild symbol is merged and the double win feature is activated. If this option is given, all lines of the spread are automatically doubled.

Additional spins

In order to activate one or two additional spins, a wild must appear on the first or second reel. This wild symbol will remain fixed even if the game lever is operated again.

Free spins distribution

Sherlock of London slot is giving away up to 10 free spins. Three or more Scatter Free Spins symbols during Free Spins will re-trigger 10 Free Spins which are added to the rest of the Free Spins on the Free Spins track. During this process the function of connected wilds and double prize are activated. Instead, the extra spins feature is replaced by the extended wilds feature.

Extended wildcard

The Wild becomes an Extended Wild if a Wild appears on the reels during Free Spins. all 3 symbols on that reel become wild symbols.


The Sherlock of London slot game is not a progressive jackpot game.

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