The Haunted Mansion slot. On the outskirts of an enchanted town there is a gothic-style mansion known to the locals as La Mansión Encantada. In the garden of the mansion there is a cemetery whose activity of merriment, debauchery and terror begins when the sun goes down. The person in charge of attending and making the guests have the best night of their life is a friendly ghost.

The Haunted Mansion slot: Halloween,365 al año

Thanks to the software provider MGA Games we can celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. The most terrifying night of the year takes place at sunset. MGA Games launched this slot in 2018 and it had a great reception from users from the first moment.

Without a doubt, success is related to the quality of the graphics and an excellent game structure. The details of each of the characters with striking colors and a magnificent characterization give this slot a plus. And of course the undisputed hallmark of this game provider, humor mixed with fun and entertainment.

On the outskirts of an enchanted town there is a gothic style mansion known to the inhabitants of the area as La Mansión Encantada

Lovers of The Haunted Mansion are in luck as they will be able to play this fast-paced game from both the computer and the mobile phone or the Tablet that can be developed with HMTL5. Although the Return To Player of this game is quite low, 90%, it is a game well valued by the players. The slot has 3 reels and between one and eight pay lines. The minimum bet is 20 cents per spin and the maximum bet is 15 euros.


The Enchanted Mansion slot combines symbols of traditional slot such as fruits: plum, lemon or strawberry; diamonds of different colors with their own Halloween symbols: the pumpkin, an obituary or the key to access the cemetery. The player will also meet a vampire in charge of welcoming guests, a mummy who makes them choose between different sarcophagi and a witch in charge of creating magical and mysterious potions. The slot has two types of game: the lower and the higher.

Lower game

It is a basic game developed through three reels in which there are 16 figures on each one. There are rewards for center line, advances and withholdings. The minimum bet is 20 cents and the maximum is 15 euros. On the right side of the screen you will find the pay table and the prizes that are being obtained. Some symbols do not award direct prizes because they allow access to other levels of the game.

Top game

The top game takes place on another screen and also has 3 reels with 16 figures. In this case, the pay lines are 8. The symbols in the upper game are related to The Haunted House: magic cauldrons, potions and ancient spells or sarcophagi from Ancient Egypt.

The minigames available are:

1- Franky’s room

In order to access this minigame, the figure of the magic potion symbol must appear on any of the prize lines three times. In this game you can enjoy a roulette wheel that activates potions as it spins, which will be the winners when it finishes spinning. The prize that is obtained is the sum of all the winning potions.

2-Witch room

If you want to play this exciting and fast-paced mini-game you will have to obtain three figures with the symbol of the potion. On this screen a little witch appears ready for the player to enjoy and win succulent prizes thanks to the prizes in the cauldrons.

3- Mummy room

If you want teleportation to ancient Egypt and live like a real pharaoh, you will have to obtain the three figures under the symbol of the sarcophagus. There are three sarcophagi and each of them has a different prize. The player can choose one of the sarcophagi and the prize will be awarded.


Haunted Mansion slot features a Jackpot prize. It is a progressive jackpot that increases thanks to the contributions made for each game. So the more games that are played, the bigger the jackpot.


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