Are you ready to embark on a legendary adventure? Between fantastic and heroic battles, the Vikings sailed the seas and crossed runes to conquer the riches of nature. The god of thunder, Thor; god of wisdom, Odin; the goddess of beauty Freya and guardian god, Heimdall will guide you on this journey thanks to their magic and powerful strength so that you live the greatest of adventures. Action, excitement and fun are guaranteed in the Viking Runecraft slot.

Thor, god of thunder; Odin, god of wisdom; Freya, goddess of beauty and Heimdall and the guardian god will guide you on this journey thanks to their magic and powerful strength so that you live the greatest of adventures.

Viking Runecraft slot:leyenda de vikingos

The software provider Play’n Go created this magnificent slot in 2017. It is available for both Desktop and mobile. The Return To Player of this game is 96% and the volatility is low. Viking Runecraf has 7 reels and row numbers where the symbols appear in a cascade with the possibility of creating winning rounds. The minimum bet is 0.10 euros and the maximum is 100 euros.


The symbols used in Viking Runecraft slot are typical of Viking history: the hammer, the ax, the helmet, and the pendant. In relation to the runes they have five each of a different color: lilac, blue, green, brown and yellow. And we cannot forget the jokers represented by four Norse gods: the king of the gods, Odin; Thor’s fortress; the beauty of Freya and Heimdall, the protector.

To qualify for a winning combination, it is necessary to match 5 symbols horizontally or vertically on the screen. The prize can be multiplied up to 5,000 times the initial bet.

Viking runecraft leyenda de vikingos slot

Special functions

There are four special effects that make the gaming experience unique and incredible:

  • Fenrir’s Fury effect. This effect is created when four diagonal lines are split unevenly on the grid. The fire can spread and eliminate any continuous symbol. These symbols transform into other unique symbols.
  • Loki’s decoy effect. Two types of symbols are selected through an intense green light. The first group of symbols will be destroyed automatically on the entire screen. Instead, the second group selected will transform into another symbol.
  • Burning of the Surtr effect. The strength and power of Luck’s sword will cause three symbols to burn at random. Such is the force that some adjacent symbols can also burn. These burning symbols will transform into a single symbol.
  • Jörmungandr effect judgment. Through the mythological serpent, different symbols will be eliminated both by the rows and by the columns. Those destroyed symbols will be transformed into another symbol chosen by chance.

Bonus levels

Play’n Go has created four bonus levels for Viking Runecranft. Each level represents one of the gods with unique and surprising characteristics:

  • Odin: is capable of creating four jokers
  • Thor: thanks to his super lightning, he is able to join up to nine jokers
  • Freya: have four jokers until you achieve victory
  • Heimdall: Has the ability to award one wild card per row.

Ragnarök function with freespins

The Ragnarök function can be carried out in two different ways. With the first one, a minimum of 20 symbols are awarded when the destruction charge is activated. And if you opt for the second, you get more than 40 symbols in the loader of destruction. Selecting a round of freespins activates the different destruction charge functions. Only one Ragnarök can be activated per round.

The Viking Runecraft slot allows you to play the Ragnarök feature while the load of destruction is exchanged for an End of the World Bonus meter. In the case of getting more symbols that have a prize, we will also obtain a higher win multiplier, x2, x3, x5 or x15.

viking runecraft leyenda de vikingos slot playn go

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