Arana, new director of DGOJ

On April 5, the Council of Ministers ratified the appointment of Mikel Arana as the head of the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling. The former leader of IU in the Basque Country, Arana, is the new director of DGOJ, at the proposal of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón.

Espinosa, an expected dismissal in the sector

The news of the dismissal of Juan Espinosa, former general director of the DGOJ, has not surprised the sector. Last January, Minister Alberto Garzón appointed José Antonio García García Undersecretary of Consumption. And it was a matter of time before Espinosa was replaced. From the DGOJ they explain that Espinosa “leaves the position of general director on personal initiative”. Espinosa, has a long history in the gaming sector to his credit. In 2013 he was deputy director general of the Game with Cristóbal Montoro as Minister of Finance. And in January 2016 he took over as CEO. Previously, since 2003, he had worked in the Competition Commission, belonging to the CNMC.

Appointment to “finger”

In the past, Alberto Garzón had been very critical of handwritten appointments. And now it is the opposition who questions him. The Popular Party has demanded the appearance of the leader of the United Left to clarify the adjudication of positions without being civil servants, a fundamental requirement. In addition to the increase in senior positions in Consumption since he took office.

Among the main functions, Arana, new director of DGOJ, are to propose and analyze the impact that regulations on gambling activity will have in Spain. In addition, to develop the current Law 13/2011 on Gambling Regulation and approve the Royal Decree that regulates articles 7 and 8 on advertising, sponsorship and promotion of gambling activities.

One of the most surprising facts of this new commandment is the inexperience of Mikel Arana in the sector, since he does not have training related to the gaming sector or advertising. The new director general of the DGOJ was leader of Ezker Batua-Berdeak, United Left in the Basque Country. His professional career is mainly related to public administration.

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