Celebrities and gambling

Celebrities and gambling. In recent years, games of chance have become very popular on a social level. The development of technology has made it possible to bring and favor gambling. Chance does not understand social conditions or age or professions. Sometimes luck is in our favor and sometimes against us. More and more celebrities decide to play and bet in casinos, whether physical or online. These are some of the national and international celebrities who play games of chance.

International celebrities

Ben affleck

Ben Affleck is a great blackjack and poker player. When he’s not shooting a new movie, he can be found playing blackjack at one of the Las Vegas casinos. He has a weakness for blackjack games where he has won thousands of dollars. Affleck made headlines in 2014 because he was kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for counting cards in blackjack. Card counting is not illegal but if they catch you as the Holloywood director and actor they will expel you.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon is also a great professional poker and blackjack player. The actor himself has commented that he started gambling while preparing his role for the film Rounders in 1998 and that he spent approximately $ 25,000 playing and trying his luck at different casino games.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is another of the Hollywood stars who likes to gamble and try her luck at different casino games. It is very likely that this hobby of the actress was instilled in her by her husband Phil Laak. Laak is one of the most prestigious poker players in the world. The actress does not like to bet large amounts of money but to choose modalities where it is possible to bet smaller amounts. In 2005 Jennifer Tilly won the World Series of Poker championship.


One of the international footballers who sometimes monopolizes more covers for playing poker than for his sporting triumphs is Neymar. When the football competition allows it, it is common to see him competing in different poker tournaments. In his time as a Blaugrana it was common to see him at the Casino de Barcelona. Poker professionals say where he has real skills on the soccer field.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is not only the best golfer in the world but also has real skills and aptitudes for playing blackjack. It is said and rumored that the golfer spent a whopping $ 25,000 on a single hand of blackjack.

Spanish celebrities

Gerard Piqué

The first spanish celebrities and gambling is Gerard Piqué.  The catalan is one of the best defenders in the world and has a large number of titles to his credit. One of his hobbies outside the soccer fields is poker. And the truth is that the day you decide to retire from football, you can guide your future as a professional poker player. The Blaugrana player just a few days ago achieved second place in the 25 High Roller of the European PokerStars Tour tournament held at the Casino de Barcelona. It is not the first time that Piqué has won a succulent award, already in 2011 he got a third place in one of the EPT events and in 2017, he obtained a fifth place in the No Limit Holdem modality.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso He is also another of the regular fans of some poker tournaments. So much he likes poker that is his competition helmet had drawn an ace of clubs and another of hearts. Two aces that symbolize the two championships that the Asturian won when he competed in the Formula 1. In the case of Alonso, you know you like to host private poker games with your friends. And those players who are lucky enough to attend and play at the Bellagio Casino Las Vegas can meet the two-time world champion.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal also likes to play poker occasionally. Play to compete against other people and if you can play with friends, the better. In an interview he gave in the PokerStar Poker Room, he said that there are great similarities between tennis and poker. “You have to know how to play poker, you have to be aggressive when you have to be and defensive when you play. You have to have control of the game, let it go where you want ”.

Sergi Bruguera

A tennis player who has decided to leave the racket for the cards is Sergi Bruguera. The effort and dedication that he learned and allowed him to win during his time as a tennis player has helped him to professionalize and work hard to compete in the difficult world of games of chance. For this he put himself in the hands of a professional poker player, Manuel Pastor. Pastor taught him all about Texas Hold’em, a form of poker that is played in the highest ranked tournaments.

Sergio garcia

The golfer Sergio García also has great aptitudes not only for golf but also for poker. He started playing poker due to injuries and was without a doubt a great balm of confidence. The golfer comments that poker helped him psychologically to gain confidence to resume and recover to return to high competition. It has also helped him overcome difficult moments during his sports career.

Jordi Rebellón

Even the world of television and entertainment we went to find another poker player. We are talking about the actor Jordi Rebellón known for his role as Doctor Vilches in the hit series Hospital Central. A Rebellón is a great fan and has great skills for this game. The actor has participated in different tournaments organized at the Casino de Barcelona within the Full Tilt Poker series and is also a regular at Casino Gran Madrid.

Celebrities and gambling. These are just some of the national and international celebrities who enjoy playing games of chance. However, the list could be much longer, as poker and other casino games have many fans.

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