Ceuta, iGaming operations center

Ceuta, iGaming operations center. Ceuta and Melilla are postulated as the epicenter of iGaming in Europe. Since 2018, 26 companies in the online gaming sector have established themselves in this Autonomous Community. The tax advantages plan that the Ceuta Government approved to attract iGaming companies is obtaining good results.

Ceuta and Melilla, important tax advantages for companies

In 2018, the Ceutí Government approved a plan of tax advantages to attract the location of companies related to online gambling with the aim of boosting the economy. The 50% discount in Social Security, the 60% reduction in income tax and a lower taxation in corporation tax are the main claims to attract digital companies.

Ceuta plans to position itself in the coming years as the epicenter of iGaming operations in Europe. Ceuta could become the goose that lays the golden eggs and take the place of Malta and Gibraltar. Two so far fundamental enclaves of iGaming. One of the negative effects that Brexit has had is the flight of companies from the rock. Malta has also seen companies leave the island due to increasingly strict laws and gambling restrictions in different countries. Thus, some gambling operators have seen in Ceuta and Melilla a lifeline.

26 iGaming companies

The Ceutí government has worked to place the community on the iGaming map in Europe. In the last two years, 26 companies have settled in the city. Of the 26 companies, 10 companies of Spanish origin and the rest, 16 come from abroad. It is estimated that online gambling companies have employed around 260 employees and is expected to grow in the coming months.

Ceuta, iGaming operations center. In 2018, Sportium, Betfred, 888 Casino, Suertia, Circus, Pastón, Luckia, Casino 777 or Casino de Barcelona decided to move their offices to Ceuta and Melilla. Among the last operators to land are Bwin or Bet365. It is expected that throughout the year, other companies will move their main offices to these cities.

Among the requirements to be able to benefit from tax incentives is that at least half of the workforce works physically from one of the cities and that Ceuta or Melilla be the workers’ habitual residence. In addition to the fact that 50% of the wage bill corresponds to employees residing in the Community.

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