Exceptional measures for casinos and bookmakers in Mexico

In March 2020 life changed forever. The coronavirus health crisis has affected the lives of millions of people in the world and, consequently, the economic and financial sector. Gambling establishments in Mexico have been clearly affected. Now the Government has taken exceptional measures for casinos and bookmakers in Mexico.

For months the face-to-face casinos in Mexico have been closed as a preventive measure for the eradication and non-spread of the virus. However, these types of measures and strict restrictions have not affected online casinos. These restrictions only affect land-based bookmakers and casinos. The operators of online games in Mexico do not have any regulations or restrictions regarding the sanitary protocol.

In Mexico, a large part of casino users choose to enjoy different games of chance in situ. Mexican users prefer to go to face-to-face casinos than to play through mobile phones or any other device. Other businesses that will also be affected by the new measures decreed by the Government are bowling alleys and amusement parks.

Exceptional measures for casinos and bookmakers in Mexico

The Mexican government has decided to apply exceptional measures for casinos and bookmakers in order to appease the virus. This regulation will be extended at least throughout the month of April.

The first measure is the restriction of the capacity of the face-to-face casinos. From now on, land-based casinos will not be able to exceed the maximum capacity of 20%. This 20% includes establishment workers and players.

Another of the approved measures is related to the hours of face-to-face casinos. Following the regulations, physical casinos in Mexico must close their doors at 8:00 p.m.

However, one of the measures that has raised the most blisters among users is the maximum playing time for players inside the casino. The Government has decided that they will not be able to stay for more than one hour. This controversial measure has been exceptionally criticized by Mexicans, as some of them spend a lot of time traveling from their residence to the casino.

In reference to amusement parks, only those outdoor attractions will be allowed. Although they will also have a capacity limitation, that is, 20%.

The use of masks is mandatory both in open spaces and inside establishments. For this reason, alcoholic beverages are not sold.

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