Gambling Law will govern in the same way private and public companies

Gambling Law will govern in the same way private and public companies. This has been manifested to him CEJUEGO, private gaming employer in Spain, to the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, at the meeting held on Thursday, February 6, 2020.

In the Royal Decree of the Gaming Law in which the Government is working to regulate the gaming sector in Spain, CEJUEGO considers it necessary to include both the private and public gaming sectors. Thus, Lotería y Apuestas del Estado and ONCE must also abide by the new measures that are expected to be ready before the summer.

Royal Decree of Gaming Law

The private sector employers in Spain are in favor of regularizing the gambling sector and collaborate with the different governments since 2011. Among the measures that are expected to be adopted is the restriction of advertising hours. In this way, announcements about online gambling can only be broadcast between 1 and 5 in the morning.

Regarding sporting events, gambling operators will only be able to announce themselves during specific stretches and the number of impacts during events will be reduced. Another point in which they agree is that bonuses or fees that promote the game are not announced. And one of the most important points is that explanatory and informative announcements should be made about the dangers of the game.

Prevent and stop gambling

One of the most important challenges facing the Ministry of Consumer Affairs is the need to prevent and stop gambling. One of the main problems that mostly affects the youngest and other vulnerable groups.

CEJUEGO will continue to collaborate with the State Security Forces and Bodies so that there are no minors in the gaming rooms. In one of the last operations carried out by the police, they found 28 minors in around 1,900 gambling establishments.

During the meeting CEJUEGO has also requested that the Autonomous Communities protect the most vulnerable groups. Thus, they demand a “Prevention and Responsible Gaming Plan in collaboration with the Ministry of Education that endorses the regulatory measures in the Autonomous Communities in documented reports.” And it also requires that the approval of disguised laws to favor public gambling is not allowed. private as has happened in the Valencian Community.

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