Gaming sector has lost more than 560 million euros due to COVID-19

The company Estudio de Sociología Consultores has prepared a report on the impact of the coronavirus in the face-to-face gaming sector in Spain. According to this study carried out by the sociologist, José Antonio Gómez Yáñez, the economic losses are daunting. It is estimated that the face-to-face gaming sector has lost more than 560 million euros due to COVID-19.

31% reduction in income and more than 25,000 jobs

Since the state of emergency was decreed on March 14, the establishments remain closed without yet being able to determine an opening date. It is estimated that in these five weeks of confinement, the face-to-face gambling sector has stopped earning more than 560 million euros.

According to this study, the COVID-19 health crisis has destroyed around 10,000 direct jobs and 15,000 jobs in the hospitality sector. It is estimated that the sector would have lost 31% of its annual income.  The extension of the State of Emergency, at least until May 9, aggravates the difficult situation facing the gambling sector in Spain.

In the event that it is extended for two more weeks, until May 30, it is estimated that the reduction in income in the sector would reach 35%. When preparing the report, José Antonio Gómez Yáñez has taken into account casinos, gambling halls and arcade machines, ONCE and SELAE points of sale and bingo halls. On this occasion the sociologist has not contemplated the effect that the health crisis is having on the sports betting sector.

When and how the sector will return to normal

Gaming sector has lost more than 560 million euros due to COVID-19. It is still too early to determine how and when the sector can regain its normalcy. However, the Sociology Consultants Study report considers three possible scenarios until the sector returns to relative normality.

In a first phase, the restaurants and leisure venues could limit the capacity to 50% of their capacity. This first phase would last for two months. The second phase, called Transition demand, would allow a capacity of 65%. Finally, the third phase scheduled for September, the capacity would be 85%.

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