Madrid suspend the concession of licenses

Madrid suspend the concession of licenses. The Government of the Community of Madrid has decided to temporarily suspend the concession of licenses and new openings of gaming halls and premises. This measure took place on November 12 and will be in effect until the decree for planning and ordering the uses of the sector in which the regional government is located is completed and approved.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has commented “We are a liberal government, which is in favor of free competition and of combining this regulated activity with balanced planning and with a public health problem, which is affecting vulnerable population, especially minors ”. Ayuso has commented that they do not intend to prohibit this type of activities, but that he considers it necessary to regularize the exercise.

678 betting shops or casinos in Madrid

Currently in the Community of Madrid there are 678 establishments related to betting or casinos: 4 casinos, 33 bingo halls, 470 gambling halls and 171 betting houses. The opening of gambling venues in Madrid has increased by 125% in the last five years. In 2014 there were 76 registered bookmakers.

Among the measures that the Government plans to adopt is the creation of a prevention and research center on gambling and new addictions in adolescents and children. Likewise, the penalties for the presence of minors in gambling establishments will be tougher. In connection with advertising, the use of famous people linked to casinos or betting houses will be prohibited.

In 2018, the value of bets in establishments related to gambling exceeded 144 million euros, according Cejuego. From this report it is extracted that 95.4 million come from slot machines and 22.1 million from bingo venues. For its part, the world of sports betting has also grown in recent years. Last year they moved more than 7.1 million euros, when 2014 they played 5 million euros.

Barcelona banned in October the opening of new halls and betting houses

Last October, the Barcelona City Council also adopted the measure to ban new arcades and betting houses for a year. Currently in the city of Barcelona there are 53 stores. The City Council led by Ada Colau plans to draw up a plan to extend the minimum distance of 100 meters that must exist between a gambling hall and a school or medical center, set by the Generalitat.

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