Online gambling market in Spain: financial results for Q3 2019

Online gambling market in Spain: financial results for Q3 2019. 2012 marked a before and after for the online gaming industry in Spain. Law 13/2011 of 2011 came into force and the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) was established. The DGOJ supervises the gambling industry in Spain and aims to issue licenses, report financial statements, guarantee fair play and protect the player.

In recent years there have not been too many changes (except for the new recently approved advertising code), until in 2018 the so-called European shared liquidity was created. Spain, France, Portugal, and Italy (the latter has not yet joined the liquidity) agreed to create a legal common market, breaking down barriers and borders. Since then the industry has had a new rebirth, which is confirmed by the figures of the latest results report published by the DGOJ, which corresponds to the third half of 2019.

Financial results of online gambling in Spain in the third half of 2019

The GGR or Net Gaming Margin for the third quarter of 2019 was 191.68 million euros, which represents an increase of 7.48% compared to the previous quarter.

Online gambling and casino continue to dominate the online gambling market in Spain with a combined profit share of over 80%. Instead, poker continues to slowly recede. For its part, bingo and contests still do not have a significant share in the distribution of income.

Online gambling market in Spain: financial results for Q3 2019

Online gambling market in Spain: financial results for Q3 2019

In recent years the online casino industry in Spain has consolidated. The international gaming industry is actively seeking to obtain a license and offer its services in the country.

The figures in millions of euros are as follows, including the number of licenses issued by each segment:

Game GGR % Licenses
Bettings  €  100.771.942,00 53% 37
Bingo  €      3.176.030,00 2% 3
Casino  €    66.529.096,00 35% 42
Contest  €         726.423,00 0% 2
Poker  €    20.477.812,00 11% 9
TOTAL  €  191.681.303,00

If we compare the number of licensed operators in relation to revenues in the third half of 2019, it can be seen that the most profitable industries are betting and casino, with each operator generating more than 2 million euros in profits.

Distribution of income in the online casino industry in Spain

Gambling machines (slot machines) continue to lead the online casino segment in Spain, followed by live roulette. In percentage terms, slot machines account for 58% of revenue, followed by roulette (traditional and live) with a 34% share. Other games such as Blackjack do not represent a significant portion of the online gaming market in Spain.

Distribution of income in the online gambling industry in Spain

In relation to the betting market, the main players are live counterpart sports betting and conventional counterpart sports bets. Both add up to a 97% stake. Horse racing bets have not yet managed to enter the Spanish market. Instead, the football fever stands out for its incredible figures within sports betting.

Distribution of income in the online poker industry in Spain

The DGOJ divides poker into two universes: cash tables and tournaments.

Of the total GGR of 20 million euros, 13 million (60%) comes from tournaments and the rest from money games at regular tables. The online poker market does not show strong inter-quarterly variations and the only thing that can be evidenced is a general drop in profits since 2016. However, it remains firm as the third source of income according to the DGOJ.

Spain, a benchmark for online gaming

The online gaming industry in Spain is close to breaking the ceiling of 200 million euros in revenue per quarter. This data shows that despite voices against regulation (especially from some online poker players who decided to emigrate to other countries), revenues continue to grow exponentially.

With a multimillion dollar industry, Spain has established itself as one of the benchmarks for online gaming internationally.

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