PhishingAlert: against In-Game Phishing

PhishingAlert: against In-Game Phishing. The General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling (DGOJ) has created a service against identity theft called Phishing Alert. This service aims to fight against identity theft and fraud related to online gambling and entertainment games in Spain. This service is voluntary. The Phishing Alert service detects any activation attempt by a third party when the data matches. In this case, the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling would inform the affected user of these facts.

PhishingAlert: against In-Game Phishing

There are two valid ways to enroll in this new service provided by the DGOJ:
  • Internet: any user can register through the electronic headquarters of the DGOJ, as long as they have an electronic certificate. Registration is immediate.
  • In person: it is necessary to go to an authorized registry office (electronic records of the Public Administrations, post offices, diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad) and fill out a form. Registration takes an average of three days maximum to take effect.
To be able to register, you must be of legal age, reside in Spain and present a DNI or NIE. Registration for the DGOJ Phishing Alert service is indefinite. In the event that the user wishes to unsubscribe, he / she may request it through the internet or in person.

How Phishing Alert works

The moment the user signs up for the Phishing Alert service, they have a status report. The status report details the registrations and cancellations of the different online operators. As long as the operators are also registered in this service. The game operator compares the data with those of other users already registered through the DNI / NIE, name and surname, date of birth.

In the event of a match, the Management

General Regulation of Gambling will communicate this fact to the affected person. The affected person should contact the corresponding operator. He operator is in charge of carrying out the documentary verification mechanisms necessary to determine and grant a resolution.

Operators attached to the Phishing Alert service

The operators that are attached to this new DGJO service can be found on the website of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. Operators can request membership through the “Taxed Communications” process of the DGOJ’s electronic headquarters.

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