Ministry of Consumption is the new scourge of the gaming sector

The federal coordinator of Izquierda Unida and deputy of United We Can, Alberto Garzón, is the new Minister of Consumption. Garzón that emerged after the government agreement between PSOE and United We Can aims to ensure the rights of consumers, ecological and responsible consumption, games of chance and betting houses. The Ministry of Consumption is the new scourge of the gaming sector. The new Ministry of Consumer Affairs seeks to regulate games of chance more strictly in order to prevent and regulate the gambling market, and curb gambling, a social scourge among young people. Until now it depended on the Ministry of Health and the regulatory body was the DGOJ. Currently the gaming sector represents 0.8% of GDP in Spain.

Prevent and regulate the market for bets

In the document signed by the new Government informs that the advertising regulation related to the gaming sector will be similar to that of gaming products. tobacco. As well as the introduction of “information, management and limiting the consumption of games of chance in the regulatory framework of gaming chance and gambling online with the aim of reinforcing self-awareness and player autonomy in the face of healthy consumption practices and to prevent, anticipate or identify the generation of problem gambling patterns ”.

Homogeneous criteria between Communities Autonomous

The agreement that emerged between PSOE and Unidas Podemos also specifies the need to have homogeneous criteria between the different Autonomous Communities related to opening hours and distance to educational centers. Since 1978, the CC.AA. regulate gambling in the territory based on the Statutes of Autonomy. This is how they are in charge of regulating arcade machines, casinos, bingo halls and raffles. For its part, the State regulates lotteries, ONCE draws and sports betting.

Among the proposals is that the gambling establishments open from 10 pm and limit the opening of these premises to educational centers. Ministry of Consumption is the new scourge of the gaming sector

Warnings about the effects of the game on the entrance of the establishments

Currently the game has become normalized among the population, mainly among the youngest. A study carried out by the University of Valencia highlights that 2.1% of students between 15 and 17 years of age suffer from a problem related to gambling. Among the points of the Government’s agreement is the “reorienting the fee for the administrative management of gambling paid by online operators in order to allocate a percentage to preventive, awareness, intervention and control initiatives.”

Likewise, gambling operators must carry out actions or campaigns to inform and sensitize users about the danger and negative effects derived from the activity of gambling. This measure will force physical gambling or betting venues to warn of the dangers of gambling with a sign at the entrance of the establishment. A warning similar to what can be seen on tobacco packs.

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