Online player profile in Spain

The General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling has published a report in which the online player profile in Spain 2018 is determined. This study has been carried out since 2015 with the aim of determining “the gambling profile of the players, their level of activity, their gambling preferences, the level of spending and the relationship between spending and return on prize money.”

Online player profile in Spain

  • According to the DGOJ report in Spain, the number of active players is 1,476,285, which represents an increase of 5.84% compared to 2017. During that period, slightly more than 300 thousand people have registered with an operator of online game.
  • n relation to the participation of men and women, it is extracted that 83.25% are men and 16.75% are women. The participation of women is much lower, however, it has grown by almost 2% compared to 2017. The segment of the population that gambles the most online are people between 18 and 54 years old.
  • If we analyze the average spending of the players, it can be seen that men spend more on the game than women. The average net expenditure of men is 484 euros per year compared to 276 euros for women. One of the most significant data is that the average expenditure of women has doubled, since in the previous period it was 134 euros.
  • The age, professional and economic position of the players is directly related to the average expenditure. The age segment that invests the most in online gambling are people between 36 and 45 years old with almost 700 euros, while the spending of players between 18 and 25 years old is 189 euros.
  • In Spain, the main gaming segment is related to betting, with a share of more than 45%. However, a fact to highlight is that the online casino has grown by 21.28%. One of the most curious data is that 63% of users only play in a specific segment: bets 48%, bingo 13.5%, poker 8.03% and casino 5.66%.
  • The most common payment method among users is still the bank card, which is used by 70% of them. Followed by the electronic wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, …) with 18.7%.
In the report prepared by the DGOJ, data from the SCI (Internal Control System) of online gambling operators licensed in Spain have been used. Data related to bets of the State Lottery and State Betting Society and the state segment of contests are excluded. Regardless of whether the user is registered with one or more gaming operators, he is counted as a single player for study purposes thanks to the personal identification number (DNI or passport). Previously, the DGOJ had published a report on the financial results of online gambling in Spain in the third half of 2019.

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